About us

Upskill Me partners with UK schools to help students aged 11 to 18 prepare for their future.

To be successful today, students need more than just good grades. They need to build a diverse set of skills that they can take into jobs and universities. That’s where Upskill Me comes in: our platform provides brilliant opportunities for students to develop and record their skills development. Students can also record their achievements, and connect with employers, events, and courses. Through Upskill Me, young people succeed.

Our Vision

To support the success of every young person.

Our Mission

Every young person has unique strengths. And Upskill Me exists to help young people find them and thrive through them. We’re on a mission to build a future where every young person can find the best opportunities, be rewarded for their growth efforts and be supported in their skill development. We’ve built a platform which showcases students strengths and aids their skill development, so that they’re prepared for the future.

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Teachers and Educators. We can help measure, demonstrate and improve the growth of your students skills.

Companies We can support promoting your opportunities and connecting you to early talent.